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The agent qualification requirements:

1, approved by the state and local tax authorities of industry and commerce, the establishment of the computer and network products business of the company;

2, the sales network products, professional technology and business personnel;

3, each month's purchase amount not less than XXXX million yuan;

4, to comply with the COMFAST brand sales agent policy;

5, the COMFAST brand agency agreement signed;

6, these conditions are met, and both sides of the adaptation period expressed satisfaction with the implementation of the agreement.

Universal public responsibilities and obligations:

1, responsible for COMFAST marketing and sales planning. To establish COMFAST brand positive image in the market, so as to promote the product sales agents;

2, the four seas Zhonglian according to the order, to provide a source of security agents, and timely provide agentswith product related technical support and training services;

3, have the obligation to inform the agent sales information related products, in order to better sales agents;

4, the four seas Zhonglian COMFAST brand price making right, right to publish;

5, the four seas Zhonglian according to the types of products regularly to the agent to provide the correspondingpromotional materials;

6, in order to reduce wind in addition agents, Sihai Zhonglian implements 60 days unconditional return policy, that is,from the date of order within 60 days, Party B may apply for refund or replacement of other types of COMFAST products requirements;

6, the four seas Zhonglian implementation of two months Baohuan, warranty for one year commitment to the agentproducts;

7, the four seas Zhonglian awarded an authorized distributor certificate.

The agent responsibility and obligation:

Copy 1, agents to Sihai Zhonglian provide the business license of enterprise legal person, the copy of the tax registration certificate and a copy of ID card of the legal representative. If there is any change should be timely written instructions and related documents after the change;

2, the agent shall publicize COMFAST quality and customer service service policy to the user in the sales process;

3, the agent must be a predetermined desired goods, in order to Sihai Zhonglian into delivery plan, ensure supply continuously;

4, the agent should improve COMFAST in the local market share and influence, and to develop specific marketing plan according to the local conditions;

5, agents have the obligation to maintain sales area of the COMFAST brand and image in the market price order;

6, agents have to collect local market related information, and feedback to the four seas Zhonglian obligations.

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